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Before it gets late.

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In the age of Facebook, Instagram or any social networking you spare time to come to my blog. Thank you for your precious time. “ Before it gets late ” is a topic I choose to address our living periphery and its impact on our day to day life. I will try my best to write in the way you can correlate yourself or any close friend around you.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan says ” Don’t become a philosopher until you become rich” and I believe the same. I am not here to write a lengthy article about theoretical or motivational lines which seems less practical in our livelihood. However, I will convey the message which I really mean and it is about dealing with yourself or self-inquiry. Ok, ask yourself about your daily plan, resolutions, and commitments for learning skill, a study on your subject of interest or academic study or any sort of task you promise yourself to accomplish them within your addressed time. Do they go as they planned? Most probably we don’t make them happen.

Your life, your inspiration. Happiness or sadness, tragedy or any success all are yours. Acknowledge this universal idea. If you can’t make things work, your life gets worse and neither you get happiness and success. No big deal, It is a very simple thing to understand.

Today you have comfort, pleasure or enjoyment because of convenience. We have many choices. It’s OK if you watch movies or play PUBG, hangout with boys or girls all day, you will get good food at night from your parents. It is convenience to feel comfortable and enjoy your life in nonsense activities. Don’t wait for that day when your choices are no more with you. Whatever the choices we are getting today lets not convert them as a regret or tragedy one day. When you feel your precious time went in a total nonsense, that day you start feeling self-hatred and that tragedy ruins your personality.

Start off with a determination of self-betterment. Just like acknowledging your lagging habits, things that bother you, you feel difficult. What thing carries your day away from you? Any particular thing which makes life ruined. you’re there to change and that’s your choice. It’s unfortunate if some bad things happen in our life make you changed. We didn’t like to get changed but that loss, failure or tragedy made us changed and destroyed.

I am not saying we must stop enjoyment, playing games or hang out with friends or girlfriend. The only thing is “Be loyal to yourself“. I am damn sure, we are the people who appreciate the loyalty just like we like our friend who is loyal to us and we reward loyalty. This is the same treatment which must apply to us and extend it with sincerity.

The person who will be in the future is you. Don’t let that person’s life get ruined. Lets not make him feel regret with the person you are today. The person before 5 years is you. All are in your hands and the time is now.

It is not a good option to feel self-hatred after 5 years because of the activities you are doing today. Whatever the thing you are planning or thinking to make happened, go for it. It seems quite difficult or discomfort in the beginning. No option to start the work and get done by today. Control yourself, with mustering courage and determination to do them for 3 hours – 5 hours as required. The day must be productive and must uplift your personality better than yesterday. Everything matters at end of the day or the end of the year or 5 years while you summarise your past. Become a hero on your own eyes. Be proud. let’s get started..

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    Really appreciable 😊❤

    January 21, 2019
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