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Being Fit and Healthy: A growing concern

December 31, 2018 - Blog, Lifestyle - , , , , ,

It all started with my brother Robin whom I adore the most. He has been the first fitness icon to me and with no doubt he will be. Basically, the following article relates to my fitness story. Enjoy it!

The world today is too busy. City folks are indulged in their own hustle and bustle. Some manage to spare time for their regular workout session but many just keep it as a resolution. Regular exercise not only promotes mental and physical health rather it motivates you to accomplish other smaller tasks which consequently sum up to a big one. All in all, it is going to keep you on track.

I remember a few months back, I promised myself to commence a daily workout plan. It used to be a tough job during the starting days but slowly the joy of pumping those heavy dumbbells soothingly crept into my body. I could feel the changes.

Gaining muscles by just dumbbells was out of the box thing however I managed to burn plenty of my body fat. I used to weigh around 72 kg and within 5 months I was able to burn 6 kg of fat. A great achievement, isn’t it?

Well, there are many people who fought their obesity and now live a healthy life. Articles relating such stories are all over the Internet. I’ve seen some of them getting instantly motivated on hearing such kinds of stuff but they fail to take it all way along. The problem is not with the motivation as many regard. However, it’s a lack of courage they fail to make it happen. I believe, each one of us has done mastery over the benefits of regular exercise and now its time to make it work.

The first approach towards fitness:

Being fit is as simple as it sounds. So, why aren’t every people into this simple thing? People tend to overlook the lifelong benefit of exercises. They let their lazy feelings creep into their mind whenever they are supposed to do it. Simply put, you ignore it. Miracles won’t happen in a day.

Firstly, you must develop a strict workout schedule and maintain a healthy diet. Diet and workout are complementary to each other. They must be maintained. You must dare to say NO to junk and pre-cooked food. The food that we eat is organic matter (derived from plants and animals). Organic things tend to degrade over a certain period of time. So it’s wise to take it as soon as it is prepared so that necessary nutrients are supplied to our body. Having said that, it’s normal to take pre-cooked food a few times a month.

Secondly, try out symmetrical exercises on regular basis. There are plenty of workout tutorial videos on the Internet. Apparently, YouTube provides thousands of them from beginner to advanced level. If you’re just a rookie, try out beginners’ exercise first. After a few months, you can jump to the next level. If you carry out these things, I swear you’ll go through changes (both physical and mental).

Well, now it’s your turn to prove yourself that you are no more the same being. First few weeks are tedious but I bet, if you keep on continuing it you won’t feel like leaving it.

Lotus Khanal is an A-level student who adores writing about lifestyle, science and technology blogs. Science and fiction are his subjects of interest. Forget not to drop your comment if his blogs make any influence in your mind.

  • PratikshyaReply

    You've improved a lot!
    Do have consistency in your thoughts and workout🙂

    December 31, 2018
    • Lotus KhanalReply

      I must go with your valuable suggestions.

      January 1, 2019
  • praseemk khanalReply

    After a few of age you can jump to the Level of Next bhai keep Learning loved your Migrating Thoughts

    December 31, 2018
    • Lotus KhanalReply

      Thanks brother. Your words make a difference.

      January 1, 2019
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