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How Workouts changed my life

August 19, 2018 - Lifestyle - , , ,

Oh yeah! Finally, the day has come. I am happy to share the story of workouts with my site visitor. Here it goes.

First and foremost, I wake up at 5 o’clock early in the morning. Four months prior, I used to sleep at 1 and wake up at 7 but now I am a morning person. With no snoozing of alarm, I get my butt out of my bed and recite my transcendental mantra to kill my sleepiness and GO! It’s like a countdown and blast off.  it may sound silly but it works. It works based on the science of metacognition. I am trying this tool for 4 months. It’s really a great hack to kill laziness, fear, and anxiety.

Taking one liter of water is the best idea after wake up. Prepare pre-workout diet like Saatu, almonds or any other kinds of stuff available in my rack. Figuring out my priorities, I record the time schedule of the day in my diary. For a one and half hour, I invest my time in reading Osho literature and good audio books from my mobile. The thing I don’t do in my morning is never go through any social media or news. Waking up with other’s life activities and making opinion is not a good idea. At 6:30, I hit my GYM up to 8:00 am. After getting back to the room, I start working on my pre-planned schedule the whole day. Many of them get done. I go to bed at 10 pm.

It’s been 5 months I have started going to the GYM. Initially, get fit and get in shape was my prime motive. Gradually, it became the foremost part of my lifestyle. The important thing is persistence. The decision that I made 5 months ago was actually a great decision of my life. It is really helping me not only to get fit but also making me energetic and a goal achiever. I listen “Be yourself ” more often in social media but do that guy/girl really work to be themselves? For me, being own self is to take responsibility and accept with compassion and understand who I am today right now and willing to discover who I’ll be tomorrow.

Being own self for me is to be adventurous and challenge taker. Adventurous is not only willing to take a risk in a thrilling place, but it is also the art of challenging own self to fight with your drawbacks which is taking you down for a long time. Adventure is not only Canyon Swing, Sky Diving, Rock climbing or Bungee for me, waking up at 5, biting the first rays of the sun and getting ready for the brand new day and accomplishing all planned things. On the same note, I have the habit of challenging myself with lifting weight in GYM. Every week I add 2.5 kg weight to any particular exercise. Many times I fail and need a support or get back to applicable weight. OK, no more talks here. Below points are really gonna reveal my secrets of workouts.

  • Workouts are really good for your physical and mental health: I realize that regular exercise is useful for the body. Customary exercise can have a significant positive effect on despondency, nervousness and the sky is the limit from there. It additionally diminishes pressure, enhances memory, causes rest better and lifts mind to a bigger state.


  • Improvement in my diet plan: I was fat. Yes, 5 months prior I used to be an 80 kg man. A big belly and bulky face were much more than it was supposed to be. Now my weight is 72 Kg and that’s an ideal weight for a 5’9″ guy. I totally stopped consuming junked food. I would rather prefer a healthy home cooked diet. Being a beginner entrepreneur, it’s quite difficult to manage diet planned by gym trainer but taking 10-12 eggs’ white for protein intake is affordable. Green tea, rice, saatu, eggs, fruits, brown bread, chapati, meat, omega 3 fish oil etc are my regular diet. Taking supplements can boost up the workout but I don’t recommend it if a diet plan can be managed easily.


  • Workout make feel good about myself: I certainly feel great after a decent exercise, I like figuring out how to accomplish something that everybody needs to do while few individuals can make it. Snap my leg day, put them in my FB, post it on my story and sit tight for the compliments. Moreover, will probably be more gainful and eat more beneficial diet after the exercise.


  • It helped me kick negative behavior patterns: Seven months prior, I was experiencing a considerable measure in my life and my response to the greater part of this was to go another depression, over thinking and anxiety. I would get back to home fro college, present myself with surprising nonsense depressing kinds of stuff. Overthinking about one’s career and profession matters yet these things are only an awful thought. So all things being equal, bind up and run running with my hobbies. This was only the start. After some time, I made this a propensity. I get into exercise adapt, propel myself and get for water rather than junk foods and drinks.


  • My best ideas are a result of a good workout: I have had increasingly “A-HA!” minutes while out on a keep running than anyplace else. There is something about intense exercise and going through those minutes with myself to truly get the thoughts streaming.


  • I look good: Yes indeed, most often I listen from my friends and relative complementing my better version. And that matters most.


How many SUNDAYS have been and gone since you said, I will start next week?. Really many of my friends do the same. And yes, I was one of them. For me, fitness is not only the exercising tool to make me fit and healthy, But It also became the foremost part of my lifestyle which now teaches me to be a disciplined, industrious, passionate about hobbies, challenge myself with harder things and many more. Sharing my story, many of my relatives and friends had started going to the GYM  but unfortunately very few of them are regular to go GYM. To get in shape is not a rocket science and gain it overnight.

All I learned from fitness and workout is consistency and well disciplined. I built my habit to hit the gym 1-2 hours a day at any cost if the gym is in my access zone. Join fitness today, you will never regret.

See you in my next blog. Keep sending your comments

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  • PratikshyaReply

    You're going to be inspirations for people soon☺

    August 20, 2018
  • BhawanaReply

    Failure will never overtake you if ur determination to success is strong enough .... kip it up

    August 22, 2018
  • Nisha panthReply

    Great 👌👌👌
    You did it 😍😍

    August 22, 2018
  • Apurba AcharyaReply

    Keep going bud you are going to rock the world in near future. You have inspired me alot in a short span of time.

    August 22, 2018
  • Dheeraj ShresthaReply

    You're an inspiration Robin!

    August 31, 2018
  • SrishaReply

    How far you have been improved yourself. Nothing is impossible . You proved it!! I am very glad to know all about it.. keep on going...

    September 18, 2018
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