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My New Year’s Resolutions and 6 Months

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A New Year’s resolution is a convention and most exercised in the youth and young people, in which a man takes steps to change an undesired conduct, to achieve an individual objective or generally enhance their life. At the start of every new year, many people set new resolutions but only a few actually go on to achieve these. Like others, I am also the one to set my resolution every year with much excitement. Some of the common resolutions among us are :

  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Take a more active approach to the healthy life
  • Learn new skill or hobby
  • Spend more time on personal well being
  • Spend more time with family and friends

Such resolutions used to be in my list of previous years. New year’s day i.e Baishak 1 was totally different. I still remember the first morning of the brand new year 2075. Vibes in the air were really different. I had no complaint about past years but the only an excitement of committing resolutions for the new year. No doubt, I have a similar resolution as before I used to have. Some of my resolutions are :

  1.  Consistency in GYM and get in shape: As mentioned in my previous blog How workouts changed my life, things are going as before. I am regular to the gym. GYM previously was hard and audacious but it became my lifestyle most-do activity. You may not understand why my sore arms make me smile. I used to wear a shirt and casual pants. There was only 2/3 t-shirt in my closet. With changes in my shape and physiques, I started buying Tshirts more than usual shirts. The interesting point is I brought 12 t-shirts this summer and rarely wore shirts.
  2. Learn Node with its modules: As JavaScript is in trend nowadays, an interesting scripting language to learn next. Express.js, React.js, Redux.js etc are trendy modules to learn. JavaScript utilization has now reached out to the mobile application, desktop application advancement, and game advancement. All things considered, it has detonated in prevalence and is presently an exceptionally valuable ability to learn.
  3. Register own firm and get business off the ground:  Been Freelance for more than 4 years and learn to work in real life project. I’ve learned to deal with technical issues, customer requirements, and software lifecycle issue. I started getting huge projects which lead me to register my firm. My firm made my own boss. Momayo Technology now works for large institutions like Lumbini Buddhist University, CYC Nepal, Vidhyamandir School etc.
  4. Start every day with silence: Do you start your day by searching for a mobile first? Like with semi-opening eyes you search your mobile around your bed. I used to do the same 7 months ago. It is not a good idea to start your morning by engaging in social media or news looking others life activities. I have been doing meditation for 2 months. My meditation is very simple. Its all about silence. I concentrate my mind on my breath inhale and exhale for 3-5 minutes. It is really a great hack to feel comfortable throughout the day.
  5. Write about plans for the day every morning: Tracking your tasks with a schedule is a great idea to get strict with the daily routine and planned work to do.
  6. Get in touch with family members: Truth be told, hardly I used to talk to my father once in 15 days. Talking to the father was quite a difficult thing for me. Unknown fear always makes me contactless with him. looking back to my 6 months, I tried my best to change the habit. I keep contacting him once in 3 days. Sometimes there may not be a good matter to talk about but only to know about his daily activities and business stats I keep calling him. Doing these, I make my father not only a father but like a friend. Like usual, Mum is only a person to contact daily from my mobile.
  7. Save money: Saving money is always a challenging task. After the registration of my firm and done with several major projects, the views towards money and finance got quite broaden then before. The power of money and the way we must invest for productive business is the knowledge I got during my business activities. I used to spend unnecessary money if money was in hand. Till I didn’t start to record my expense and earn stats, it is the next task I am doing daily. Tracking of the money can help us to minimize our expenses. Looking at the record, it helps us to analyze the productivity and necessity of the brought things. Being a business person, I have to save money for the further project. Yes, I’ve saved the amount of few 6 digits NRS for the next project which is on the pre-production phase.
  8. Collaborate with other IT company and co-operate office: I believe in collaboration and teamwork. Single and alone can’t make a change as expected. My company is always open to collaborate with other IT company to extend the business together. Being a startup, We are also reselling some product on a commision basis.
  9. Read more books and listen to audiobooks:  I used to say reading books is a waste of time, find it boring, and for many such reasons, I believe. However fact went opposite to my mindset, there are various reasons why reading is very important and beneficial. A love of Reading can expand your mental horizon, improve in behavior, enhance the memory etc. “The Miracle Morning. The Not‑So‑Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform ” written by Hal Elrod encourage me to improvise my morning routine for the productive day. Meditate, affirmation for the goals and target, the vision of dreams, exercise, reading, and scribing are the regular morning activities I perform every single morning. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki enhanced my financial thinking. The power of money and way we must invest for assets more than the liability is the main lesson I got from his book. Osho literature is my favorite literature to read and listen which find out the new real me, give me a different perspective on life.
  10. Minimum use of Social media: I didn’t use a smartphone for 8 months. There is no special reason to avoid the mostly carried multimedia device. I use the old version keypad mobile only for communication purposes. Its a great achievement of technology that portable sized device holds the millions of information and makes one up to date with the current affairs around them direct on your palm. But growing and development in the technology and social networking sites, the negative aspect of using the internet have arisen. Being a technology student, I am responsible to figure out the different aspect of technology. Not to be rude but Facebook should reclassify as an anti-social networking site. Why ? think about the time you spent on Facebook and the thing you do with it. You thought previously to spend only 30 minutes on Facebook and ends up with 3 hours and the productivity or knowledge you get is tends to zero. Facebook is clever enough to make you engage you with a non-sense prank and funny videos for a long time with suggestion one after another. I read the article somewhere which state that 50% of the mental problem is arising from antisocial activities in social media. I figured out that the Photos, videos, and status we post are the products for the Mark Zuckerberg’s business, the consumers are the users and currency are likes, comments, and shares. The value of a person on facebook decided with the number of likes, comments, and shares. Saying all I don’t mean to say that we must not involve in social media, Its the beautiful invention though. The matter is we should be alert in time before something go wrong. Use for very short time for productive propose.
  11. Travel Nepal and Adventures: Travelling is always been my passion. I visited northern Nepal Tatopani ( Khasa border) in jestha and Pokhara in Bhadra. I have a target to reach the eastern and western end of Nepal until the end of this year.  Bungee is always been my favorite adventurous sport and I did it for the second time at Highground Nepal in Pokhara. My first bungee was in Bhotekoshi.

The journey of my life will be long or not it’s not in my hand but definitely to make it grand and big is my prime concern every day.  Attitude is a state which makes me liable for my actions and reactions and totally dependent on the condition of the event or situation. Whereas character is the ability to carry out the resolutions long after the moment of excitement has passed. Character and attitude are the main attributes of my journey.

It’s not like wanna do something and do it for 2 weeks and then quit. I did last year, a year before last. Set resolutions like lose weight, get in shape, follow the hobbies. Later turn around and adopt the older way, get lit, eat like crab and continue to live below who I was created to be. As we know it’s harm to be arrogant. We also must know that being too humble, too meek, too shy and too safe is harmful too. I love to get me out from the comfort zone, follow the way which makes myself proud every single night reviewing the work I did.

I have still a long way to go. Still, there are many resolutions to get done till the end of this year. I am trying to make this commitment not only a  new year’s resolutions but new life resolutions. Become a better me. Figure out what are my goals in life what I was created for. May God help us struggling and have faith! Never give up, keep your head up, there’s only one way up!

Lined up!

Robin is an author and owner of Robin Panthee adores programming, writing, public talking, voyaging, and lifting heavy weights. He is the prime founder of Momayo Technology, an organization that gives cross-platform application advancement, Digital promoting, site development and IT arrangements as a Service. For more details, look at his written work, talking, ventures, and photographs.

  • Lotus KhanalReply

    Your resolutions are clear-cut. They reflect your perspectives.

    October 25, 2018
  • Srijana BelbaseReply

    Good luck 😍😍

    October 25, 2018
  • Apurba AcharyaReply

    You are one of the best person I have ever met in my life bud. I feel proud to be one of your friend. You are here and now it's time to make the most out of it. You are totally changing yourslef towards the bright side. I wish you all the best my friend. Keep moving forward as much as you can.
    Much love ❤️❤️

    October 27, 2018
    • Robin PantheeReply

      Real brothers grow together! Cheers Bro. We have a long way to go...

      October 27, 2018
      • AndrewReply


        October 27, 2018
  • AashsishReply

    Loved your blog dai !!

    October 27, 2018
  • PratikshyaReply

    Of course! you've a long way to go.
    You've always been an inspiration to me☺

    October 29, 2018
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