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What is node.js

August 20, 2018 - Technology - , , , ,

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Here is how I understand the concept of node.js :

Ok ! Lets go with WTF is node.js ?

Makers of the node.js took javascript which is normally  attached with the user browsers and they allowed to run in an user’s computer. When you give permission to run javascript with node.js in the  browser it take google chrome’s v8 javascript engine. Google chrome V8 engine allow you to access your file in the computer, listen network traffic, listen and send the http request over the network, access databases easily which cannot be done by normal JavaScript. It is like php, java or ruby . As server side scripting language, now you can do almost every thing in javascript ( Node.js ).

There is no node.js by default in your machine. You need to install it separately. For that you can download form . After you install it in your machine you can run node.js in terminal .

tying "node" and pressing enter start the node platform in your terminal. 

node  -|
var a = 1;
a -|

Its like doing javascirpt in browser console. The different in terminal is there is no window object but there is the global object. i.e

global.a -|


What are Npm modules ?

NPM means Node Package Manager. These are libraries worked by the wonderful network which will take care of a large portion of your non specific issues. npm (Node package manager) has bundles you can use in your applications to make your improvement quicker and proficient.

Based on node.js, people build frameworks. you could really put all your code into one big index.js record, regardless of how vast or complex your application is. The Node.js translator couldn’t care less. However, as far as code association, you would wind up with a difficult to comprehend and difficult to troubleshoot mess rapidly. So as an individual, you should think about how to structure your code. This is the place modules come in.

Take example of react :

sudo npm install -g create-react-app

Doing this, it install the react module in the folder with its dependencies. It takes care of every configuration. .Now that we have create-react-app installed, create our first app according to the guidelines of react.js.

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